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Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency are taking all necessary steps to adhere to government guidelines in these strange and difficult times.
Our office staff in Kendal, Cumbria are working from home, our agents when working in the field throughout the United Kingdom are working alone or in individual vehicles, if the work requires 2 or more agents.
We are undertaking all services as normal but with the guidelines in mind, using local agents where possible. 
Updated: 11.05.2020

Dedicated Private Investigators UK wide

Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency have located their Headquarters in the North West at Kendal, Cumbria in the Lake District, but operate throughout the United Kingdom. We are dedicated to finding the truth on any case we take on. Our state-of-the-art technology can help us handle your personal case empathetically and discreetly. So, whether you want to investigate your partner, an employee, a business or someone else, we can help. Get the facts you need today. Make an appointment at our HQ in Kendal Cumbria.

Personalised Investigative Services

If you need a P.I to investigate something personal to you, we can help. We treat all of your communications with complete discretion and empathy. You can rest assured that we will give a very professional service. We will give you control back over your life, as well as some much-needed certainty. All of our clients receive a full court ready report on completion of all Surveillance operations. This is to include video and stills footage, along with hourly updates during the surveillance operation. 


Our Investigative Methods

While we can investigate a partner suspected of cheating using video and still footage, vehicle tracking and listening devices, it’s not the only reason people contact us. We specialise in lots of different investigations including finding missing people and fraud cases. With our tailored and competitively-priced service we will find the best solution for you. Speak to our friendly and experienced case workers today for free, no obligation advice.


Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency is operated by an ex serviceman with a wealth of experience in covert surveillance operations. Past tours included work within hostile area's such as Northern Ireland and Iraq, gathering intelligence on terrorism. We now want to bring our experience to you, and help you find the truth that you need. "We are dedicated to finding the truth"

Cumbria Detectives

Our Cumbria team work from our Headquarters in Kendal. Operating throughout Cumbria.

Our agents cover South Lakeland, which includes, Barrow-in-Furness, Ulverston, 

Grange-over-Sands, Kirkby Lonsdales, Windermere, Bowness, Ambleside and all other surrounding areas.

Copeland is another area in Cumbria we cover, this includes Millom, Seascale, Egremont, Whitehaven, and surronding areas.

Eden is another area within Cumbria located to the North of South Lakeland, Eden boasts some wounderful areas which includes, Kirkby Stephen, Brough, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Penrith and other areas to which we cover.

Allerdale is also located in Cumbria to the North of Copeland, here you can find the towns of Keswick, Workington, Cockermouth, Maryport, Aspatria, Wigton, and Silloth.

We also operate in the Carlise area, Covering Carlise City, Brampton and all other areas around Carlise City.

We also operate outside of Cumbia, and have agents that cover all areas within the United Kingdom, all other areas can be found at our location section.

Our Case studies

These case studies are an outline from some of our cases, they do not contain details that breach data protection, but do outline the main objectives and outcome.

Case study 1

Location: Lancaster, Lancashire, North West.

Case Type: Matrimonial.

Case Objective: To gather information by means of following a possible cheating husband in the City of Lancaster.

Start : After discussing the final details with our client, one of our agents that was located in the North West region arrived in Lancaster.

After a short period of time the subject moved off in his vehicle and our agent followed, the subject moved through Lancaster and parked up at a local car park.

Our agent followed the subject on foot to a cafe near Lancaster canal, the subject was seen with a female sat at the cafe, and both the subject and the female looked to be very close.

The subject and the female left the cafe after a period of time, both parties walked to the subjects vehicle and drove through Lancaster city.

Agent followed subject and the female to a property in Lancaster, this property was known to be owned by the female, both the subject and the female went inside the property. 

Agent waited outside the property for approximately 3 hours, the subject and the female came out of the property, hugged, kissed, and the subject left in his vehicle. 

Our clients theory was correct, her husband was caught cheating.

Finish: Case closed.

Case Study 2

Location: Workington, Cumbria, North West.

Case Type: Surveillance & Process Serve.

Case Objective: To locate and Serve high importance documents to the subject.

Start: After setting off from the Headquarters in Kendal, Cumbria in the Lake District, our Agent arrives at Workington, Cumbria in the North West.

The operation consisted of identifing the subject outside of their property, and to gathering infomation by means of still footage and video footage. Imigery was then sent to the client to identifiy the subject.

It was confirmed to be the subject in question.

Surveillance continued for several hours, at 14.30 hrs the Agent approches the door of the property under surveillance, to attempt the Serve of the documents.

The subject opened the door and the Agent sucsesfully serves the important documents to the subject.

Finish: Case Closed.

Case Study 3

Location: Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, North West.

Case Type: Process Serve

Case Objective: To serve an Injuction order.

Start: One of our Cumbria based agents made there way to Barrow in Furness, Cumbria in the North West of England. On arrival at Barrow in Furness our Agent located the property.

The documents where an injunction order from a local Solicitors firm and needed to be given directly to the subject.

Our Agent knocked on the door of the subjects property, the subject answered the door. Our Agent explaind to the subject that the documents where of high importance and where an order to attend a court hearing, and this must be attended.

Our agent then left the documents with the subject, and left Barrow in furness.

Finish: Case Closed


We have launched our new podcast.

The P.I Podcast will be avalible on spotify and most other podcast platforms, we will be discussing the business of Private Investigation, and who we work for and with.

We will also be discussing FAQ's on P.I subjects asked by the public, Solicitors and Business owners.

P.I Podcast will air each month with a new episode, covering news, business and interviews in the world of Private Investigation.

Brought to you by the Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency in Kendal, Cumbria, Lake District.

Tune in and follow our P.I Podcast.

Operational Standards

You can be assured, all our Professional investigators are fully insured under professional indemnity and public liability up to £1,000,000. Copys of insurance can be provided upon request. Insurance ref: ECBI1877640XB. We also have strict policies in place with regards to data protection, therefore as a professional body, following GDPR is very important to us. So please be reassured that all your information will be handled with care and confidentiality by all members of our team. ICO registered: ZA512499


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